What is the best pillow for allergy sufferers

  1. 1 in 5 people own never washed their pillow
  2. 1 in 4 people know that pillows should be replaced every two years, but wait longer to replace them.
  3. 70% of people are not absolutely comfortable showing their naked pillow to others

Mattress Firm recently conducted a survey asking 1, people about their pillow habits and their allergy issues. The survey suggests that while almost 90% of people wash their sheets one to three times per month, 20% own never washed their pillows, and almost 45% only wash their pillows once a year.

Furthermore, while almost 70% of individuals surveyed said a comfortable pillow is significant to getting a excellent night’s relax, numerous of them are keeping their pillows much longer than the recommended two-year time limit. Unfortunately, this means that most of us are sleeping on pillows that are no longer fluffy, and are full of dust mites, sweat, dead skin and other allergens.

If you are love 80% of respondents who indicated that they struggle with allergies, experts recommend that you purchase dust mite-proof sheets and pillow covers, and make certain to wash your pillow every three to six months in boiling water with liquid detergent.

What is the best pillow for allergy sufferers

If you own a memory foam pillow, this advice doesn’t apply to you since memory foam pillows are antimicrobial and don’t need to be washed. But if you are using a pillow that is not memory foam, you should make certain to wash it regularly.

By making this a healthy sleep habit, you will hold dust mites out of your pillow, and eliminate the allergens that cause you to wake up with nasal congestion and itchy eyes. This simple repair can greatly improve your sleep environment, assist to improve your overall well-being, and permit you to more fully enjoy those essential eight hours of sleep.

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What is the best pillow for allergy sufferers

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What is the best pillow for allergy sufferers

Indulgence, balance, athletic and warmth — these are the four basic principles in Forster’s Naturresort and the best guarantee for sustainable holidays. Give yourself a break, experience the Stubai Valley and bring your body, mind and soul back into harmony!


Warmth. Passion. Love of nature. This is what our family stands for. Our guests are the most significant to us. Your well-being is our priority. A grin on your faces after a perfect day of holiday is the best reward.

To Wash:

Washing typically not necessary when used with pillow cases. Spot clean or if you must, machine wash freezing, normal detergent, no fabric softener, no bleach.


What is the best pillow for allergy sufferers

Machine dry normal or hang dry. For additional questions contact us.

To Naturally Freshen:

Hang dry in sunlight for a few hours months. Fibers will naturally expand and rejuvenate a unused scent and feel.

The CE Difference:

Cozy Ground is premium luxury bedding at a quality-level never before seen. It’s exponentially softer and sleeps at the perfect temperature.

Most bedding today sleeps too boiling. Our Silk pillow fixes overheating by sleeping degrees cooler and half as humid. Its comfort is unmatched in luxury and plushness.

We personally know each member of our supply chain from seed to sheet: a first our industry.

This access gives Cozy Ground influence to direct positive change and industry-leading innovations in luxury bedding. Attention to every detail, better quality products, and outstanding customer service are what has made Cozy Ground the new leader in luxury bedding worldwide.

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What is the best pillow for allergy sufferers

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What is the best pillow for allergy sufferers

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Taking a break from everyday life is one thing. Getting correct back into action is another. We offer Athletic facilities for an even greater sense of well-being:

Forster’s weekly ACTIVities:

• Welcome cocktail with the Gleirscher family accompanied by folk music,
• torchlight hike,
• Nina‘s «Farm time» – discover out every there is to know about herbs,
• bingo evening,
• dance evening with live music,
•  guided tour around the grounds with wellness cocktail,
• «Bezauberndes Stubaital» slide presentation
• Nordic walking
• aqua gymnastics
• well-equipped fitness room with high quality training Equipment

• Get even more Athletic in summer with:

• Guided hike with hiking guide Markus,
• free mountain & e-bike rental,
•> Gleirscher’s hike along the contemplation trail with a pleasurable stop off at the Forster Alm,

Stubai Super Card: (May — October)

• Free travel with every public transport between the Stubai Glacier and Innsbruck
• Daily use of the cable cars (1 ascent and descent per day) in the Stubai Valley
• 1 ride on the Mieders Alpine coaster run per week

• Get even more Athletic in winter with:

• Guided snowshoe hike, guided winter hike and tobogganing
• outing,ice stick shooting and mulled wine party with Christoph,

Our younger guests can also get Athletic in our «Fun room» (equipped with billiards, table football, Sony Playstation and X-Box Kinect) or in our games room for the little ones (equipped with our extremely own children’s cinema).

The kids will even feel particularly at ease and well taken care of in our childcare service should mum and dad desire some quality time as a couple: childcare directly on site and available every year circular. … and an ACTIVE experience for the whole family: deer feeding in our extremely own fallow deer enclosure or a stable visit to the herb farm.


We desire to use our culinary offerings, inspired by our love for nature and our region, to leave a lasting impression on you. Glance forward to home-made, genuine delights: •<bull;>Welcome drink upon arrival

• The wealthy Forster gourmet breakfast buffet

•The «light» breakfast up to pm especially for our tardy risers

• The sweet and savoury delicacies of our afternoon buffet from pm to 5pm

• Little wellness buffet with juices and teas as well as unused apples

• 5-course evening menu of your choice in elegant surroundings

• Diverse and wealthy salad buffet and hearty cheese buffet

• Dedicated menu for gluten and lactose allergy sufferers

• Forster’s R 50 principle (the best from our farm and the region within a 50 km radius)

Once a week:
• Specialty buffet with Italian and South Tyrolean delicacies

• Indulgence buffet with Stubai delicacies

• Forster’s sweet tooth buffet with a large selection of desserts

• Nina and Christoph’s tasting at the herb farm with delicacies and wines from our region.

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Our “Balance programme” ensures the balance that you need to maintain harmony of body, mind and soul.•<bull;>Forster’s Saunadörfl: a multipurpose, temperature-rich sauna experience with laconium, steam bath, brine bath, herbal bath, bio sauna, family sauna, outdoor sauna, Kneipp fountain, multi-sensory showers, outdoor area with sauna garden and Forster’s relaxation pavilion with loungers and soothing waterbeds.

Bathrobe, wellness towels and bathing slippers will be provided in your room on arrival!

• Forster’s water experiences: indoor swimming pool with counter current system and numerous water attractions. Swim-through lock into the year-round heated outdoor pool (30°!) in the Mediterranean courtyard.

• Forster’s massage and beauty programmes: rom massages to cosmetics to treatments for two – you will discover a dreamlike range of offers in our Balance & SPA facility. Athletic substances with the power of nature complement the range and facilitate sustainable beauty and relaxation.

• Sound sleep guaranteed on the pillow and mattress of your choosing, spring water directly from the Pinnis source, information on conscious breathing and other points.

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