What is the best air purifier for pet allergies

What is the best air purifier for pet allergies

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What is the best air purifier for pet allergies

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Customer Reviews

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Air Purifier for Pet Odors and AllergiesAlen

Perfect for Pet Owners

This Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 includes Alen’s HEPA-FreshPlus Filter technology to reduce pet odors & allergies.

A Style as Unique as You

With its thoughtful design the BreatheSmart FIT50 is at home in the family room or the boardroom.

The modern design features intuitive controls and customizable designer panels to complement your decor.

Intelligent Performance

BreatheSmart FIT50 thinks about air quality so you don’t own to.

What is the best air purifier for pet allergies

Auto Mode intelligently adjusts its cleaning power to achieve the best air quality while maximizing filter life while saving energy and money.

Designed with Your Family in Mind

Its compact design, whisper-quiet operation and a lights-off mode for sleeping make it a superb choice for the bedroom. Child-friendly features including a locking control panel and child-safe vent guard make it THE choice for homes with kids or grandchildren.


Our standard filter. Grand for dust & allergens


All-around solution.

Best for mold, germs & asthma


Chemical filter. Excellent for smoke, VOCs and heavier chemicals


Odor neutralizer. Perfect for pet & diaper odor

has a rating of stars based on 8 reviews.

The Honeywell S is an ancient model originally developed more than a decade ago; however, its energy efficiency and ease-of-use means it is still favorite today.

What is the best air purifier for pet allergies

Its design may glance a bit dated on the exterior, but the filtration system is simple and straightforward, beginning with a carbon pre-filter that can remove large debris love hair and dust while filtering out common home odors. Then, its permanent True HEPA filter works to effectively remove up to % of pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, smoke, bacteria, and viruses from the air.

One of the best features of the S is the ° air intake and discharge design.

Regardless of where you put it, you can be certain it can take in dirty air from any direction and release clean air back out.

What is the best air purifier for pet allergies

It also has Honeywell’s SurroundSeal Technology so you can be certain there are no air leaks. Additionally, it has a filter change indicator so that you know when to replace or clean the filters, and 3 fan speeds depending on how quick you desire it to clean the air.

In the endless run, you’re capable to save money on replacement HEPA filters, but the carbon pre-filter has a extremely short lifetime of only 3 months, so you’ll own to shell out more cash on that each year.

Also, several users own reported the S to be extremely noisy which may be disruptive when used at night. Despite these downfalls, the S boasts a extremely excellent CADR for pollen, smoke, and dust and can handle rooms up to sq. ft.

In a space that large, it’s capable to scrub the air a whopping 5 times per hour making it perfect for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. At its price, the S is worth it!

You asked, and the results are in. Here are the best of the best air purifiers for pet dander, based on your feedback and extensive testing by our team of product experts.

For dog and cat lovers who suffer from asthma or allergies to pet dander, breathing easily can be a genuine struggle.

What is the best air purifier for pet allergies

High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) air purifiers are proven to capture airborne particulates, love pet dander, so you can enjoy your furry family member. Whether cat or dog or even bird or hamster, pets shed and contribute to indoor air pollution. Study which pet air purifiers can prevent man’s best friend from becoming an asthmatic’s worst nightmare.

Alen T Fur Family Smart Bundle

Alen BreatheSmart Fur Family Brilliant Bundle

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Air Purifier

Price $ $ $
Max Coverage SqFt SqFt   SqFt
Expert Rating Excellent Excellent Excellent
Expert Review The Alen T Fur Family Brilliant Bundle utilizes an OdorCell filter that is designed to eliminate pet odors at the molecular level. Perfect for the unique needs of pet owners, the Alen Fur Family Brilliant Bundle includes Alen’s HEPA-OdorCell filters. The Austin Air Healthmate Plus utilizes a pre-filter and an activated carbon mixture to address pet dander and pet odors.
Filtration Type HEPA HEPA HEPA
Particles Removed 95% 99% %
Warranty Forever Guarantee Forever Guarantee 5 Year Warranty
Details Details Details

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Why are These the Best Air Purifiers for Pet Dander & Allergies?

Many people struggle with pet allergies and odors.

Numerous pet owners consider their pets to be members of the family, so it is paramount to address any pet allergy issues with air quality solutions.

Pets Affect Air Quality
Unfortunately for numerous pet owners, the quality of their home’s indoor air does suffer when a pet is brought into the home. Pets not only shed fur that can cause allergic reactions, but pet dander will inevitably become present in the indoor air. However, there are numerous options, including HEPA air purifier models, that can assist alleviate the problems caused by pet dander in the air and solve the problem of quality indoor air.

These Air Purifiers Address Pet Related Air Quality Issues
We strongly recommend that those with sensitivity to pet dander or that suffer from pet allergies invest in a home air purifier.

Numerous pet owners are capable to manage the health of their home’s indoor air without ever having to part with man’s best friend.

What About Dog Allergies?

Compared to cat dander, dog hair and dander can be easier to manage and eliminate from a home than that of cats. Some common issues that a dog owner may encounter is the pet’s dander, shedding fur, and odor.

Dog Allergies Are Diverse Than Cat Allergies
A dog’s dander is actually the dandruff from its fur. The dander generally comes out in larger particles than a cat’s dander. It typically does not stay suspended in the air, instead falling to the ground.

Active Removal Advice
For those with Dog allergies, the most common step is to get a hypoallergenic dog, who does not shed and whose hair is less likely to produce an allergic reaction.

However, that is not always a practical solution. Bathing your dog regularly, and buzzing their hair much shorter when it gets endless, will both assist reduce the volume of hair around the house.

Address Allergies with Air Purifiers for Less Effort
In order to ensure the quality of the indoor air, dog owners should invest in an air purifier to eliminate airborne dander and fur; at a minimum, pet owners should put air purifiers near specific areas where the dog spends most of its time.

Air Purifiers Assist With Dog Odors
Dog owners who are also concerned about the dog odor inside the home will discover that an air purifier with HEPA filters and specialized odor removal powder or activated carbon, can be extremely effective.

The Alen Fur Family Brilliant Bundle works grand in smaller spaces, where pet dander and heavy odors are present. The Austin Air Healthmate Plus air purifier is highly recommended for larger spaces. This unit contains HEPA filters in addition to pounds of activated carbon. The activated carbon absorbs smells, and the HEPA filter removes the dander.

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What Can You Do to Reduce Cat Allergy Symptoms?

For cat owners who live with cat hair and pet dander, there are several actions that can be taken.

For those who suffer from cat allergies, attempt to designate a room in your home as a cat-free space; you may consider making your bedroom off-limits to your cats.

Day to Day Measures
A person with pet allergies should always wash his or her hands and face immediately after playing with cats. Never let your cat get too shut to your eyes, nose, or mouth if you are extremely allergic. A cat should never sleep on the chest or lap of a person who suffers from cat allergies. The key is to prevent any allergic reactions to the hair and dander.

Since cats often own free roam of the home, it is significant to address the indoor air quality of every rooms in the home.

How An Air Purifier Can Help
The best way to rid the home of the saliva particles, cat hair, and pet dander is with a HEPA air purifier. By placing an effective air purifier in the main room of the home, such as the living room, as well as one in the bedroom, the indoor air will be cleaner and safer to breathe in, especially for a resident suffering from cat allergies.

Removing Cat Odors
It’s also no surprise to pet owners that a cat’s litter box can smell rather unpleasant if not tended to regularly.

Some air purifiers, such as the Alen Fur Family line of products, are specially designed to remove odors associated with cat litter boxes in addition to being excellent at removing airborne allergens.

The Alen T Tower Air Purifierespecially provides grand results for our customers:

I’m delighted with my T Tower air purifiers (with Hepa Odor-cell filters)! Within two days I noticed a lot less dust and cat hair (we own multiple «shedders» and generally own fur dust bunnies rolling around the floor, even with daily dust mopping and sweeping).” — Janet S.

What Causes Cat Allergies?

With cats being the most widely owned pet in the United States, cat allergies own become one of the most common allergic reactions that people struggle with.

What is the best air purifier for pet allergies

When it comes to cats and their contributions to indoor air pollution, the problem lies not only with their pet dander, but also with their dried saliva.

Cat Saliva, Not Fur, Is Actually The Issue
In order to clean their fur and paws, cats groom themselves. The saliva becomes stuck to their fur and is released with any loose hair that may shed. The dried saliva can also easily be released on its own as little particles into the air. Some of the particles are so little in size that they stay suspended in the air, easily inhaled by anyone in your home.

The dried saliva particles can also adhere to a person’s skin and possibly cause an allergic reaction.