What dog foods are best for allergies

PREY is Taste of the Wild’s line of limited ingredient diet formulas.

What dog foods are best for allergies

Taste of the Wild is focused on providing animals with diets that closely mimic that of what their ancestors would catch and eat in the wild. Prey is made with non-GMO ingredients and is grain free. They also own the lowest number of ingredients of any food on our list with just 4 ingredients or less in each of the PREY formulas, making it a true limited ingredient diet.

  1. Price: $ for a 25lb bag
  2. Fat: 15%
  3. Protein: 27%
  4. Who’s it for: Dogs starting an elimination diet

Best grain-free diet
Canidae Grain Free PURE (Sea)

Canidae’s Grain Free PURE Sea is formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food sensitivities.

What dog foods are best for allergies

The diet focuses on limited ingredients to lessen the chance of allergic reactions in sensitive dogs. “Sea” is a salmon-based diet, but the PURE line also comes in lamb, buffalo,venison, duck, boar and chicken formulas.

What dog foods are best for allergies

Food from the PURE line never includes corn, wheat or soy.

  1. Price: $ for a 12lb bag
  2. Fat: 18%
  3. Protein: 32%
  4. Who’s it for: Dogs with grain sensitivity

The top 8 best food for dogs with allergies

Label Company name Logo Contact Summary
Best Dog Food for Allergies Visit website
  1. Formula: 4 to select from
  2. Price: Based on dog’s weight
Label Company name Logo Contact Summary
Best Dry Food for Allergies Read Reviews
  1. Formula: Pure Sea
  2. Price: Around $45 for a 25lb bag

Best overall
NomNomNow’s Customizable Food

NomNomNow sells pre-portioned, made-to-order unused dog food via a subscription plan.

Customers fill out a survey about their dog, including goal weight, and select a formula centered around beef, chicken, turkey or pork. Because NomNomNow is made with restaurant-grade ingredients, you won’t discover the chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavors present in numerous processed kibble-based dog foods.

What dog foods are best for allergies

Simple, quality ingredients are ideal for dogs with digestive issues.

  1. Price: Based on dog’s weight and delivery preferences
  2. Calories per serving: Based on customization and recipe
  3. Protein: Based on customization
  4. Fat: Based on customization
  5. Who’s it for: Owners wanting to feed a unused food (“home-cooked”) diet

Note: Because unused food is less thick than processed kibble, protein and fat ratios will not be comparable.

Best for sensitive stomachs
Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient

The “Simple” line from Wellness is a grain-free limited ingredient diet designed for dogs with food sensitivities.

Pet owners can select from turkey, lamb, salmon and duck-based recipes, every with their own list of benefits and every wealthy in Omega fatty acids, which assist promote healthy skin and jacket.

What dog foods are best for allergies

The limited ingredient diet provides a single source of protein and easily digestible carbohydrates free from fillers and additives.

  1. Price: $ for a lb bag
  2. Fat: 12%
  3. Protein: 25%
  4. Who’s it for: Dogs with a sensitive stomach

Recognising a food allergy

You can only reliably establish whether your dog has a food allergy with the assist of a vet and an exclusion diet. It is significant to watch for symptoms that point to an allergy in your dog.

Whereas itching caused by a food allergy causes problems every year circular, symptoms caused by grass and pollen allergies die below after the summer months. The most frequent symptoms of a food allergy are not diarrhoea and vomiting, but itching!

What dog foods are best for allergies

Skin irritations can happen in various areas including the face, ears, paws, stomach, inner thighs and armpits. However, remember that: These symptoms can also relate to other illnesses, which is why a visit to the vet is urgently recommended.

Just love people, dogs can suffer from allergies. Dogs can be allergic to fleas, dust, pollen, mold, grass and, yes, even the food we feed them.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction in dogs include:

  1. Gassiness
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Chronic ear infections
  4. Vomiting
  5. Scabs or rashes on the skin
  6. Red, inflamed skin
  7. Itching that leads to excessive scratching or biting at the skin, paws or ears

Problems with proteins

A food allergy in a dog is most commonly triggered by specific food proteins that are contained in the dog food.

Studies own shown that these are generally proteins from cows, soya, eggs, dairy products or grain. Fish and rice, however, seldom trigger allergies. If a food allergy is suspected, it helps if you avoid giving your dog a large number of diverse types of food or snacks to eat every at once, as this will make it impossible to check which protein is the actual trigger.

If your pet has a food allergy, Meradog offers its special pure dog food recipes, which are ideally tailored to the needs of sensitive dogs with intolerances or allergies.

The Meradog pure dog food is based on just one animal protein source and one carbohydrate source respectively, therefore giving you a dependable way to avoid allergy-triggering components.