What allergy is high today in houston

Important landmarks under 14th Highway include the 9/11 Memorial, Statue of LibertyWall Street and SoHo.

If the prospect of seeing celebrities in fashionable SoHo is part of your plans while in New York City, theres a highly rated Dos Caminos in the midst of the neighborhoods numerous art galleries and boutiques. The purveyor of Mexican cuisine has five locations in Manhattan, two of which are highlighted in our recent blog about dining out with food allergies in the Midtown/Times Square area, and this location is equally well-regarded with its rating on AllergyEats.

Dos Caminos is also AllergyEats closest allergy-friendly restaurant to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and the Statue of Liberty.

Many tourists select to pay their respects to those fallen on 9/11 or take a boat to see Lady Liberty up shut and should take into consideration that its about a 15 minute cab ride or a 45 minute stroll from Battery Park, where the ferry departs for both Ellis and Liberty Islands, to Dos Caminos in SoHo.

If youre on the hunt for a sweet treat after touring lower Manhattan, two top-rated choices are  The Donut Pub on the west side and Erin McKenna’s Bakeryon the east side. While those with peanut and tree nut allergies can be accommodated at both shops, we hear an occasional concern that Erin McKennas uses gluten-free flours processed on equipment that packages hazelnut, almond flours and soy, so the choice is dependent on your comfort level.

Also note that the majority of The Donut Pubs reviews on AllergyEats are from diners with tree nut and peanut allergies, who own rewarded it with a near-perfect rating of  Fun Fact: The pub is open 24/7, so you can easily work it into your schedule, day or night! If you need to burn off some sugar after every those donuts, its just a 10 minute stroll to one of the entrances to the High Line (Gansevoort and Washington Streets), a mile scenic trail that runs along the west side of Manhattan.

Rest assured, diners who are allergic to egg, dairy, soy and wheat can indulge at Erin McKennas entirely gluten-free and vegan bakery, which has a superb rating of on AllergyEats!

The bakery (originally called Babycakes NYC) also has locations in Los Angeles and at Disney Springs Resort in Orlando and its shops are favorite destinations for those in the food allergy community. After your visit to Erin McKennas Lower East Side location, another worthwhile destination is the Tenement Museum ( Orchard Street), where visitors can book a tour to interact with guides who recreate immigrant life in the 19th and 20th centuries.

If youre looking to eat lunch or dinner nearby, The Meatball Shop, one of seven in the city, is just a five minute stroll from the museum. The restaurants menu is flexible, inviting guests to create their own meals by selecting a type of meatball, sauce and side dish, so food-allergic diners should feel comfortable that the restaurant is accustomed to making dishes based on the guests preferences.

Of note, pesto is on the menu, the Chicken Balls are gluten-free & pork-free, and the Veggie Balls are vegan.

Alternatively, those whod rather grab a bite to eat on their way back uptown can stop in the West Village at Otto Enoteca Pizzeria.Otto is owned by a restaurant group whose proprietors include celebrity chef Mario Batali and restaurateur Joe Bastianich, and despite its name, the menu extends beyond pizza, making a excellent choice for diners with a variety of allergies.

Looking for one final photo op?

What allergy is high today in houston

The restaurant is just a two minute stroll from one of the citys most recognized landmarks, Washington Square Arch, located in the park onFifth Avenue between MacDougal Highway and University Place.

AllergyEats Downtown NYC

    1. Erin McKenna’s Bakery, Rating, Broome Highway and Orchard Highway (Lower East Side)
    2. The Donut Pub, Rating, West 14th Highway and 7th Avenue (Chelsea)
    3. Dos Caminos, Rating, West Broadway and West Houston Highway (SoHo)
    4. The Meatball Shop.

      Rating, 84 Stanton Highway and Allen Highway (Lower East Side)

    5. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Rating, 1 Fifth Avenue and 8th Highway (West Village)


    Above 59th Highway is where youll discover favorite attractions like Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Museum Mile.

    Away from the hustle and bustle of midtown, visitors to Manhattan can get a glimpse of city living in the largely residential areas of the Upper East Side and Upper West Side.

    These neighborhoods border Central Park, home to multiple playgrounds and recreation areas, among other things. If youre visiting during the winter, its just a short stroll to take to the ice at picturesque Wollman Arena after entering the park on 59th Highway at 5th Avenue. If you travel just a bit further, youll reach popular Central Park Zoo, open year-round.

    Looking for a bite to eat after leaving the park?

    Lilli and Loo, aPan-Asian style restaurant, is a short cab ride or 10 to 15 minute stroll from the zoos entrance at 64th Highway and Fifth Avenue. Of note, its casual enough for families and best known for gluten-free options, but has been reviewed favorably on AllergyEats for its ability to accommodate other allergies. If youre craving a sweet after your meal, Lilli and Loo is also just two blocks from the flagship location of Dylans Candy Bar (Third Avenue at East 60th Street), a coveted stop for kids (and kids at heart!)

    If your travels take you further uptown on the East Side or youd prefer a more upscale menu, TBar Steak & Lounge has also received a high rating from AllergyEats users whove dined in this area.

    What allergy is high today in houston

    The steakhouse is relatively shut (under a mile) to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street), the first of numerous art institutions that stretch along a portion of Fifth Avenue known as the Museum Mile.

    On the other side of Central Park, youll discover the American Museum of Natural History at Central Park West and 79th Highway. If youre looking for a bite to eat before or after your time exploring the museums numerous exhibit halls, Rosa Mexicano, one of four in the city, is an allergy-friendly option located about a mile away.

    The Mexican eatery, which has opened locations in other cities since it originated in Manhattan years ago, is a leisurely stroll or quick cab ride straight below the highway from the museum. Its also a convenient choice for food-allergic diners who are seeing a show just steps away at the Lincoln Middle for the Performing Arts.

    AllergyEats Uptown NYC

    Lilli and Loo, Rating, Lexington Avenue and East 61 St

    T Bar Steak & Lounge, Rating, Third Avenue and East 73rd Street

    Rosa Mexicano, Rating, 61 Columbus Avenue and West 62nd Street

    As always, comments on our blog posts are encouraged we love (and need) to know what YOUR dining experiences own been at the restaurants mentioned here and anywhere else in New York City or across the country.

    Please take the time to rate your restaurant meals, as every of us benefit from hearing every individual experience.


    — Largest clinical trial in children with ragweed allergic rhinitis with or without conjunctivitis conducted to date shows treatment with RAGWITEK® significantly improved allergy symptoms, decreased use of medication and was well tolerated —

    ROUND ROCK, Texas, Nov. 8, /PRNewswire/ — ALK (ALKB:DC / OMX: ALK B / AKABY / AKBLF), a global, research-driven pharmaceutical company that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergies, announced new Phase 3 data today on its sublingual allergy immunotherapy (SLIT) portfolio, including efficacy and safety findings from the largest allergy immunotherapy clinical trial in children with ragweed allergic rhinitis with or without conjunctivitis (AR/C) to be presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) Annual Scientific Meeting, held Nov.

    in Houston.

    The study, titled «Efficacy and Safety of Ragweed SLIT-Tablet from a Large Trial in Children with Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis,» (Poster #P), demonstrated that RAGWITEK® (short ragweed pollen allergen extract tablet for sublingual use 12 Amb a 1-U) significantly improved AR/C symptoms in children age and decreased medication use compared to placebo. Overall, treatment was well tolerated and discontinuation rates due to adverse events (AEs) were low. The data will be presented during a poster discussion at the meeting on November 9, at a.m.


    «Allergic rhinitis affects millions of children,1 and those with ragweed allergies plus conjunctivitis may not get finish relief from currently available treatments. Although sublingual tablets for ragweed are available for adults, the treatment had not previously been evaluated in a pediatric population,» said David I. Bernstein, FAAAAI, FACAAI, FACP, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Bernstein Clinical Research. «These data reported at this year's ACAAI Scientific Meeting contribute to greater understanding of allergy immunotherapy and propose that ragweed SLIT-tablets are a potentially effective and well tolerated treatment option for children.»

    RAGWITEK is not approved by the U.S.

    Food and Drug istration (FDA) for use in pediatric patients. ALK plans to initiate discussions with relevant regulatory authorities to potentially expand the current product label to include a pediatric indication.

    Ragweed is a common cause of seasonal, airborne allergy in North America and in certain parts of Europe as well as international markets. RAGWITEK was first launched for adult use in the U.S. and Canada in and was approved in nine European countries and Russia in tardy

    About Efficacy and Safety of Ragweed SLIT-Tablet from a Large Trial in Children with Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis

    1. 1, children were randomized; 1, received treatment; completed the study.
    2. Study participants were randomized to daily RAGWITEK or placebo approximately 12 to 20 weeks prior to the start of ragweed pollen season.

      Treatment continued throughout the season for approximately eight weeks.

      What allergy is high today in houston

      Participants were instructed to use study-provided medication as needed to treat rhinoconjunctivitis symptoms.

    3. The study met its primary and key secondary endpoints related to TCS. Relative improvements in TCS with RAGWITEK compared with placebo were % (95% CI, %, %; least square [LS] mean difference=; P<) during peak ragweed season and % (95% CI, %, %; LS mean difference=; P<) during the entire ragweed season.
    4. The international multicenter (North America and Europe), double-blind placebo-controlled study evaluating the efficacy and safety of ragweed SLIT-tablet (RAGWITEK) in children age (mean age= years) with ragweed allergic rhinitis with or without conjunctivitis and with or without asthma was conducted by MSD (known as Merck in the U.S.

      and Canada), under the terms of its previous partnership agreement with ALK.

    5. The study's primary endpoint was the average entire combined score (TCS), a sum of rhinoconjunctivitis daily symptom score (DSS) and rhinoconjunctivitis daily medication score (DMS), over the peak ragweed season. Key secondary endpoints included the average TCS during the entire ragweed season, and DSS and DMS during the peak season.
    6. Both DSS and DMS were improved with RAGWITEK compared with placebo by % (95% CI, %, %; LS mean difference=; P<) and % (95% CI, , %; LS mean difference=; P<), respectively, during peak ragweed season.
    7. The most common AEs related to RAGWITEK were throat irritation, oral pruritus and ear pruritus.

      Two systemic allergic reactions related to RAGWITEK were reported (non-serious, mild skin pruritus and redness beginning on day six and serious moderate hypersensitivity [urticaria] on day 26). One additional participant experienced a serious AE related to RAGWITEK (severe laryngitis on day that resolved in two days). No participants treated with RAGWITEK received intramuscular epinephrine.

    More information on the study can be found here on

    About Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy (SLIT)-Tablets

    Allergy immunotherapy, or AIT, treats the underlying cause of environmental allergies using a person's own immune system.

    Little amounts of allergens are introduced into the body so the immune system can gradually study to tolerate them better. It targets the specific allergy trigger that causes the immune system to overreact and provides long-lasting improvement for years after treatment. SLIT-Tablets are prescription medication taken once daily at home. Subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT), also known as allergy shots, is another form of allergy immunotherapy istered in a doctor's office.

    Important Safety Information for RAGWITEK

    RAGWITEK is a prescription medicine used for sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy to treat ragweed pollen allergies that can cause sneezing, runny or itchy nose, stuffy or congested nose, or itchy and watery eyes.

    RAGWITEK may be prescribed for persons 18 through 65 years of age who are allergic to ragweed pollen.

    RAGWITEK is taken for about 12 weeks before the ragweed pollen season and throughout ragweed pollen season.

    RAGWITEK is NOT a medication that gives immediate relief for symptoms of ragweed allergy.

    Important Safety Information about RAGWITEK 

  • RAGWITEK can cause severe allergic reactions that may be life-threatening. Stop taking RAGWITEK and get medical treatment correct away if you own any of the following symptoms after taking RAGWITEK:
    1. Dizziness or fainting
    2. Rapid or feeble heartbeat
    3. For home istration of RAGWITEK, your doctor will prescribe auto-injectable epinephrine, a medicine you can inject if you own a severe allergic reaction after taking RAGWITEK.

      Talk to your doctor or read the epinephrine patient information if you own any questions about the use of auto-injectable epinephrine.

    4. Trouble breathing
    5. Trouble swallowing or speaking
    6. Do not take RAGWITEK if you own severe, unstable or uncontrolled asthma; had a severe allergic reaction in the past that included trouble breathing, dizziness or fainting, or rapid or feeble heartbeat; had difficulty with breathing due to swelling of the throat or upper airway after using any sublingual immunotherapy before; own ever been diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis; or are allergic to any of the inactive ingredients contained in RAGWITEK.
    7. Severe stomach cramps or pain, vomiting, or diarrhea
    8. The most commonly reported side effects were itching of the mouth, lips, or tongue, swelling under the tongue, or throat irritation.

      These side effects, by themselves, were not dangerous or life-threatening.

    9. Severe flushing or itching of the skin
    10. Stop RAGWITEK and contact your doctor if you own any of the following after taking RAGWITEK: Any type of a serious allergic reaction; throat tightness that worsens or swelling of the tongue or throat that causes trouble speaking, breathing or swallowing; asthma or any other breathing condition that gets worse or heartburn, difficulty swallowing, pain with swallowing, or chest pain that does not go away or worsens.

      What allergy is high today in houston

      Also stop taking RAGWITEK following mouth surgery procedures (such as tooth removal) or if you develop any mouth infections, ulcers or cuts in the mouth or throat.

    11. You should tell your doctor if you are taking or own recently taken any other medicines, including medicines obtained without a prescription and herbal supplements. Hold a list of them and show it to your doctor and pharmacist each time you get a new supply of RAGWITEK. Enquire your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking RAGWITEK.
    12. The first dose of RAGWITEK must be taken in the doctor's office. After taking the first tablet, you will be watched for at least 30 minutes for symptoms of a serious allergic reaction.
    13. Throat tightness or swelling
    14. Your doctor may decide that RAGWITEK is not the best treatment for you if you own asthma; plan to become pregnant or are breast-feeding; are unable or unwilling to ister epinephrine; or are taking certain medicines, including other allergen immunotherapy.

    You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA.

    Visit  or call FDA

    Please read the accompanying Medication Guide for RAGWITEK, including the information about severe allergic reactions, and discuss it with the doctor. The physician Prescribing Information also is available.

    About ALK
    ALK is a global specialty pharmaceutical company focused on allergy. It markets allergy immunotherapy treatments and other products and services for people with allergy and allergy doctors. Headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark, ALK employs around 2, people worldwide and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. Discover more information at 

    For further information, please contact:

    Investor Relations: Per Plotnikof, tel.

    +45 , mobile +45
    Media: Stuart Loesch, tel. +1 , mobile +1

    1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Middle for Health Statistics. Allergies and Hay Fever. Available at: Accessed September 5,

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    What allergy is high today in houston

    Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. If you are affiliated with this sheet and would love it removed please contact [email protected]

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    Peter Port

    Ragweed Pollen Allergy

    In the tardy summer, about 23 million Americans own symptoms from an allergy to ragweed pollen.1 The symptoms can make life miserable for those with allergies. This allergy can also cause asthma symptoms for people with allergic asthma.

    You may feel uncomfortable when ragweed plants release pollen into the air. Your symptoms may continue until the first frost kills the plant. Depending on your location, ragweed season may final six to 10 weeks. In most areas in the U.S., it peaks in mid-September.

    What Is Ragweed?

    Ragweed is a weed that grows throughout the United States, especially in the Eastern and Midwestern states.

    Each plant lives only one season. But that one plant can produce up to 1 billion pollen grains.

    When mid-August nights grow longer, ragweed flowers mature and release pollen. Warm weather, humidity and breezes after sunrise assist release the pollen. The pollen then travels through the air to another plant to fertilize the seed so a new plant can grow next year.

    Ragweed generally grows in rural areas.

    Near the plants, the pollen counts are highest correct after dawn. The quantity of pollen peaks in numerous urban areas between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., depending on the weather. Rain and morning temperatures under 50 degrees Fahrenheit slow below the release of pollen.

    Ragweed pollen can travel far.

    What allergy is high today in houston

    It has been found in the air miles out to sea and two miles up in the atmosphere. But most falls shut to its source.

    Turf grasses and other perennial plants easily overgrow ragweed. But where streams of water, farming or chemicals upset the soil – love salting roads in the winter – ragweed will grow. It is often found along roadsides, riverbanks, in vacant lots and fields. Dormant seeds that live in the soil for decades may grow when the conditions are right.

    What Is a Ragweed Pollen Allergy?

    The occupation of your immune system is to discover foreign substances, love viruses and bacteria, and get rid of them. This response normally protects us from harmful diseases.

    People with allergies own immune systems that react when they come in contact with allergens.

    What allergy is high today in houston

    When you are allergic to ragweed pollen and inhale it from the air, rhinitis (hay fever) symptoms show up.

    Seventeen types of ragweed grow in North America. Ragweed also belongs to a larger family of plants that can spread pollen by wind. These plants can also cause symptoms.

    Members of this plant family include:

    1. Rabbit brush
    2. Groundsel bush
    3. Mugwort
    4. Sage
    5. Burweed marsh elder
    6. Eupatorium

    Some family members spread their pollen by insects instead of by wind. They cause fewer allergic reactions.

    But sniffing these plants can cause symptoms.

    How Is It Diagnosed?

    If you ponder you are allergic to ragweed pollen, see a board-certified allergist. They will enquire you about your medical history, do a physical exam and allergy testing. They may do a skin prick test to confirm your allergy.

    For prick/scratch testing, the doctor or nurse places a little drop containing ragweed pollen on your skin. They will then lightly prick or scratch your skin with a needle through the drop. If you are sensitive to ragweed, you will develop redness, swelling and itching at the test site within 15 minutes. Sometimes your doctor may take a blood test to see if you own the antibody to ragweed.

    Who Gets a Ragweed Allergy?

    Seventy-five percent of people who are allergic to pollen are also allergic to ragweed.

    If you own allergies to one type of pollen, you tend to develop allergies to other types of pollen as well.

    If you own a ragweed allergy, you may also get symptoms when you eat these foods:

    1. Watermelon
    2. Zucchini
    3. Honeydew
    4. Cantaloupe
    5. Cucumber
    6. Banana
    7. White potato
    8. Sunflower seeds

    This is called oral allergy syndrome (OAS).

    OAS occurs because your immune system confuses ragweed pollen with certain foods. Common OAS symptoms include itchy mouth, throat, tongue or face.

    What Are the Symptoms?

    Rhinitis symptoms often include:

    1. Itchy eyes, nose and throat
    2. Itchy or puffy eyes
    3. Stuffy or runny nose
    4. Sneezing
    5. Mucus in the throat (postnasal drip)

    If you own severe allergies, ragweed might trigger asthma symptoms, chronic sinusitis, headaches and congestion that can interfere with sleep.

    What Can I Do About It?

    There is no cure for a ragweed pollen allergy.

    But there are ways to treat and manage it.

    Track the pollen count for your area. The news media often reports the count for your area, especially when pollen is high. You also can get your area’s pollen counts from the National Allergy Bureau.

    Stay indoors in central air conditioning when the pollen count is high.

    What allergy is high today in houston

    Get a CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® air filter for your air conditioner. If you do spend time exterior, attempt to go out before 10 a.m. and after 3 p.m. Ragweed pollen peaks in the middle of the day.

    Prevent pollen from being tracked into your home. If you spend a lot of time exterior during peak pollen time:

    1. Don’t wear your “outside” clothes to bed
    2. Take your shoes off outside
    3. Take a shower and shampoo your hair at night

    You might even consider moving to get away from ragweed.

    This will often assist you feel better for a short time. But you can develop allergies to plants in your new location in a few years. And ragweed is found in every state except Alaska. A well-thought out treatment plan is a better way to live with your allergies.

    Take anti-inflammatory or antihistamine medicines, and start treatment in the summer. Numerous over-the-counter medicines work well to control pollen allergy symptoms.

    They can also assist eye, nose and asthma symptoms. Numerous newer antihistamines don’t cause as much drowsiness as older ones.

    Anti-inflammatory and antihistamine nose sprays also assist and own few side effects. You can also discover eye drops for eye symptoms. Leukotriene inhibitors can assist by blocking chemicals your body releases when you own an allergic reaction.

    For long-term relief, see an allergist about immunotherapy. This type of treatment can reduce the allergic response to specific allergens. There are two types: allergy shots and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT).

    Allergy shots involve giving injections of allergens in an increasing dose over time.

    They relieve symptoms for most people and can final for years to decades.

    With SLIT, you take a little dose of an allergen under your tongue. You also gradually become more sensitive.

    If you own allergic asthma, your Asthma Action Plan may include some of these allergy treatments to assist you hold your asthma under control.

    With the correct treatment plan, you should see major improvements in your symptoms.


    Ragweed Allergy. (, November 14). Retrieved from

    Medical Review August

    Based in Houston, Texas and Sugar Land, Texas, Medinet Family Care Clinic was founded in on the premise that everyone deserves quality, comprehensive, and compassionate medical care.

    The team at Medinet Family Care Clinic offers services related to general physical and well-woman exams, immunizations, allergy treatment, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. The team is also equipped to provide urgent care services for issues that require treatment within 24 hours.

    Committed to ensuring short wait times, loving medical attention, and a full range of services, Bharat Gandhi, MD, and his team always make certain that every your questions are answered, that your symptoms are treated promptly, and that you can feel comfortable discussing any topic related to your health. Our team also consists of four female providers, two nurses and two physician assistants) that can help for any medical visit.

    Medinet Family Care Clinic also offers immigration exams for individuals seeking to obtain a green card or citizenship.

    Languages spokeninclude English, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi.

    With its same-day appointment availability, Medinet Family Care Clinic is there for you six days a week.

    Choosing the best put to dine in New York City can be overwhelming, so weve put together a list of allergy-friendly restaurants based on AllergyEats user reviews near attractions in four areas: Midtown/Times Square, Midtown South, Downtown/World Trade Center and Uptown.

    Midtown/Times Square:

    In Midtown/Times Square, indicated here as the area between 34th and 59th Streets, renowned landmarks include Times Square,Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, the Theater Districtand elegant Fifth Avenue.

    Recognized worldwide by its Christmas tree and iconic ice rink, no visit to New York City is finish without a journey to Rockefeller Center (Fifth and Sixth Avenues between 48th and 51st Streets). You can stroll over from Rock Middle to two highly-rated steakhouses, Ruths Chris Steak Houseand Del Friscos Double Eagle(not to be confused with Del Friscos Grill), or take the family to American Girl. Every of these restaurants are shut to St. Patricks Cathedral (50th at Madison Avenue) and the Museum of Modern Art (6th Avenue and 53rd Street).

    If you desire to be a part of it, then put yourself in Times Square  (the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue from 42nd to 47th Streets) by dining at either Blue Finor Dos Caminos.

    Whether you opt for seafood or Mexican, both are in the W Hotel Times Square and run by a restaurant group that has a stellar reputation in the food allergy community, BR Guest Hospitality Group. Blue Fin and Dos Caminos are also excellent choices if you are seeing a show in the Theater District, as is Nizza, a restaurant that is not only allergy-friendly, but embraced gluten-free meal preparation endless before it was more mainstream. Nizza, in the neighborhood known as Hells Kitchen, is also the closest allergy-friendly put to dine if youre visiting the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (12th Avenue and 46th Highway Pier 86).

    If trying new restaurants is out of your comfort zone, theres a Chipotle Mexican Grill just 3 blocks from Bryant Park (41 West 40th Highway between 5th and 6th Avenues), whose seasonal skating rink is a free alternative to the one at Rockefeller Center.

    After every the sightseeing, you can reward yourself with an allergy-friendly dessert by walking up to 55th Highway and First Avenue to A La Mode. We continuously read rave reviews about their ice cream, free-from nuts, eggs and sesame.

    While A La Mode is destination in itself, its also an simple stroll from there to Fifth Avenue for window shopping and to see the Plaza Hotel (Fifth Avenue at Central Park South), whose luxury accommodations are featured in the Eloise childrens book series. What could be better for the allergy girl in your family than a night in Eloises suite, lunch at American Girl and dessert at A La Mode?

    To avoid the crowds of Times Square, other top-rated choices in Midtown are Bistangoat the Kimberly Hotel for Italian food or Dos Caminos Third Avenue location for Mexican cuisine.

    One of AllergyEats team members chose to dine at Bistango after seeing Wicked and said that the mile-walk from the Gershwin Theater helped build up an appetite for a grand allergy-friendly dinner!

    Not to be forgotten, particularly if youre visiting the city over the holidays, is Herald Square (at the intersection of Broadway, Sixth Avenue and 34th Street), the final stop on the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade route. Macys Department Store is favorite for its festive window displays and massive Santaland.

    Some of the restaurants listed in our food allergy restaurant guide for Midtown South (coming soon!) are closer to Herald Square than those highlighted in this blog, so if youd love to dine in this specific area, consider Blue Smoke or Bistangos second location.

    AllergyEats Midtown/Times Square NYC

    Dos Caminos, Rating, Broadway and West 47th Highway (Located in the W New York Times Square)

    Chipotle Mexican Grill, Rating, 25 West 45th Highway between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

    A La Mode, Rating, East 55th Highway and First Avenue

    Del Friscos Double Eagle, Rating, 6th Avenue and 48th Street

    Ruths Chris Steak Home, Rating, West 51st Highway and 7th Avenue

    American Girl, Rating, 5th Avenue and 49th Street

    Blue Fin, Rating, Broadway and 47th Highway (Located in the W New York Times Square)

    Bistango, Rating,   East 50th Highway and Third Avenue (Located at the Kimberly Hotel)

    Dos Caminos, Rating, Third Avenue and East 50th Street

    Nizza, 4.

    4 Rating, 9th Avenue between 44th and 45th Street

    Midtown South:

    Midtown South, indicated here as the area between 14th and 34th Streets, is where youll discover noteworthy destinations including Penn Station, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building and Herald Square.

    Tis the season for classic films love Miracle on 34th Street, and if youre fortunate enough to visit New York City over the holidays, we imagine that a visit to the movies featured retailer, Macys in Herald Square (34th and 35th Streets at Seventh Avenue and Broadway), might be on your list of things to do.

    After strolling by the stores holiday windows, visiting its Santaland, or just seeing the site of the renowned Thanksgiving Day Parade, you can venture over to two diverse allergy-friendly restaurants within minutes: Blue Smoke for upscale BBQ or Bistango for Italian cuisine.

    Both restaurants own been spotlighted before on the AllergyEats blog, based on our teams personal experiences: Blue Smoke in NYC is Smokin Excellent with Food Allergies and Amazingly Simple Food Allergy Dining Experience in NYC. Bistango may sound familiar as its sister restaurant was recently mentioned as one of AllergyEats top-rated restaurants in the Times Square area.

    (Blue Smoke also has a second location, closer to downtown.) In case you are in need of a bite to eat before leaving the city on Amtrak, these restaurants are about a 10 to 15 minute cab ride to Pennsylvania Station (31st to 33rd Streets between Seventh and Eighth Avenues.)  Sports fans take note  Madison Square Garden, home to the New York Rangers and the New York Knicks, sits atop Penn Station.

    While in this vicinity, be certain to stroll along 34th Highway to visit the Empire State Building (Fifth Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets).

    To grab a treat after admiring the skyscraper, stroll below Fifth Avenue or take a five minute cab ride to Chloes Soft Serve Fruit Co., whose flagship store is just below the block from Union Square Park. Chloes fruit pops and soft serve items are free of all the Top 8 allergens (but the shop does offer some toppings that contain gluten, dairy and nuts.)

    We recognize that so numerous food allergy articles these days focus on children with food allergies, and its significant to point out that theres a growing population of adults with food allergies, too! With that in mind, Del Posto is a excellent choice for food-allergic diners seeking upscale dining in New York City.

    The Relais & Chateaux recognized restaurant is known for its prix fixe menu, though a la carte options are available, and it discourages guests under the age of 6. Del Posto is just steps from the High Line if youd love to capture some unique (dare we tell, romantic?) views of the city from 30 feet above street level before or after dinner. Another enjoyment stop in the area is Chelsea Market, largely an indoor food hall, but also a marketplace featuring locally made art, jewelry and other goods. Every of this sounds love a grand date, no matter what time of year, for the food-allergic adults in our community!

    AllergyEats Midtown South NYC

    Del Posto, Rating, 85 10th Avenue and West 15th Street

    Blue Smoke, Rating, East 27th Highway between Park and Lexington Avenues

    Chloes Soft Serve Fruit Co., Rating, 25 East 17th Highway and Broadway

    Bistango, Rating, Third Avenue and East 29th Street